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Sep 27, 2007
friendlies, Israel, Selezniov Yevhen, Khomchenovsky Dmytro friendlies, Israel, Edmar, Shevchuk Viacheslav
friendlies, Israel, Fomenko Mykhailo, Hrechyshkin Dmytro friendlies, Israel, Rotan Ruslan

Mykhailo Fomenko: We chase the maximum goals on the field

Wed Aug 15

- I want to congratulate fans with a victory in this match and thank you for your support!

- Are you satisfied with the squad of national team that took part in a friendly match against Israel?

- We cannot look on squad through one game before the official match. Moreover, we have not much information after this training camp and friendly. We had little time for training process. We were unable to verify all of the players because of the limited number of substitutions. Do not forget that we all met on the next day after the last matchday of the championship.

We have not much time before the official matches. We collect information, we send assistants to match of the rivals. All four teams in the group are able to get out of first place, all are equal. And it is very difficult psychologically.

- Is there a sense that the attacker of "Chornomorets" Odesa Olexiy Antonov would strengthen Ukraine national team? Or is this squad is optimal for the upcoming matches with San Marino and England?

- Do not forget, if you slightly underestimate an opponent, you can stumble on it. We cannot play one game all staff. I don’t even remember that this had happened before. God bless we wouldn’t lose someone else due to injury.

Antonov? Everything is under control, we look at him and other players.Now he has a surge in the game, but all is estimated by stability of player.

- Today, during a match against Israel Ukraine team used the active challenge. Do you want to play so against England in September?

- We will not dwell on something specific. There are different models of the game. All must be able to attack and defend using different models game. In two weeks we will have some information about our players and opponents. Indeed, under a model of the game we need the certain people.

- Can you criticize Ukraine after victory of team in the friendly match over Israel?

- Errors admitted by all. Those one who doesn’t make mistakes does nothing. Anyone who doesn’t do anything - that's the biggest mistake. We will not strongly criticize players. There were problems, but the players corrected themselves. The main thing is that the number passed in quality.

- What do you think about the players, who went on the pitch on substitutions?

- They have entered the game nicely. It is seen that people have tried to do the best. In any team each person has a different time for adaptation. Someone is not likely, someone - longer. They debuted good, but the first time - the most exciting.

- Ukraine has never lost with your coaching. In your opinion, what does it mean?

- We taught that earlier. What is the meaning of going on the field? For participation? If you leave the field he should pursue maximum goals. If something does not work, then the number you want to convert to quality. This is not a hobby but a serious work. The guys are well aware.

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