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Sep 27, 2007
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Mykhailo Fomenko: We received information about what to improve

Sun Jun 3

- Mykhailo Ivanovych, what are your impressions of the match against Cameroon? Don’t you think that our team failed to use set pieces during the game?

- It was a good game for us before the match against Montenegro. We got a lot of information. We know, what to add and remove in our game. From the beginning of the first half many players did not fulfill what was required. In the second half players have played a little better, we made series of substitutions. As for the set pieces, we were unlucky today.

- In a match with Montenegro team of Ukraine may face simulation and provocation on the part of players and fans of Montenegro team. Do you tell the players about this, especially Khacheridi? Are they ready for this psychologically?

- The provocations are enemy number one for our team. We try to process any information about the team and give it to team. I cannot say that Khacheridi always so, as today. Somewhere he is calm, sometime he breaks out. We already told our team about possible provocations from opponents.

- Are you satisfied with functional and psychological conditions of players at the end of the season?

- I satisfied that we had the game. It gave us information about things, which should be corrected. Before each match you have choose tactical formation, to build attack and defense. Some of the players perform well, while others may not. We will remove negativity, time and the information we still have for this.

- Fans saw the actually two different teams in the first and second half. What half did you personally like more?

- In the first half we had only one or two opportunities at all. In the second half we made adjustments and played better, had more scoring chances. The second half I liked more.

- Experience shows that Ukraine team is not very good in June. Do you take this fact to prepare for the game with Montenegro?

- We do not have those instruments that are in the clubs to change the functional status of players. We work with what we have. It appears that the club season has ended, so players have opinions on vacation. This is the mentality of our people, and nothing can be done.

- How do you comment the substitution in the second half of Stepanenko? Why didn’t you trust a place on the pitch to Dedechko?

- Dedechko has a problem with functional training. You have to know about conditions under which worked players of Kryvbass. When did the medical examination, it was found that he lacks physical conditions required for such intense game. About Stepanenko... if i don’t invite players to the national team, they may need time to re-join the collective.

- How serious is an injury of Kucher? What are the physical conditions of Ukraine national team before the match against Montenegro? Are there any injured players before the game?

- We will tomorrow how serious the injury of Kucher. Many players came to the team with micro injuries.

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