FC Kharkiv is going to be purged

FC Kharkiv is going to be purged
Sun Dec 3

After the last match in this year against Metalurh, the coach Mykhailo Stelmakh, stated that in winter “completely new team will be formed” in Kharkiv. And there will be no place for Brazilian William Rocha Batista, who has signed the contract with the Kharkiv club only in January of the current year according to the “3+1” system.

The whimsical forward wasn’t distinguished either by hard work or high performance and his discipline left much to be desired. Such players are not supposed to help Kharkiv to rise from the bottom of the tournament table. “Batista is set for transfer. If there is a coach, who will be able to find the approach to him and make him run – we’ll let Batista go” – stated Stelmakh.

The Belarusian half back Aliaxey Suchkov is also set for transfer. The team signed the contract with the player last winter. Though the contract will be valid for three next years, nobody wants him to play for the team. So the team is going to consider all offers to transfer the 28 years old Batista and 27 years old Suchkov.

And the future employers of central midfielder Andriy Sokolenko even won’t have to pay for him. His contract with the team expires and soon the player will have the free agent status.

However, the list of possible so called losses is not limited by three players. At the moment the team is on leave, which ends on January, 8.

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